The centre of the region presents a landscape that has been shaped by man over centuries. Small, regularly spaced plots give the area a mosaic-like appearance, made up of cultivated parcels, natural vegetation, areas of scrubland and wild thickets. The olive tree orchards and almond groves, the precise rows of vines, the fields planted with crops and cereals and the holm-oak forests convert the landscape into a patchwork tapestry of great artistic value, revealing different textures and colours that change with the seasons.

The vast stretches of vineyards, on the banks of the River Vero and in the environs of villages such as Salas Altas, Salas Bajas and Montesa, reveal a variety of rich colours throughout the year. As winter disappears, the green of the cereals contrasts sharply with the silver of the olive leaves and the brilliant white of the almond trees in flower. The spring brings splashes of green to the vineyards and in autumn the banks of the rivers and the vineyards are resplendent in burnished reds and vibrant golds.


- Ruta de los viñedos y de la sierra de la Candelera (Salas Altas)
- Camino ras Vals (Castillazuelo)
- Camino de Poyet (Castillazuelo)

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