Technical information

Type of route: circular/ Rally

ItineraryBierge-San Pedro de Verona-Cabañera Bierge-Fuente Vieja-Bierge

KM: 18

Duration: 2h 30 min

Gradient: 411 m 



Points of interest

The shrine of San Pedro de Verona, a vantage point for watching vultures, and the Sierra and the Guara Canyons Visitor Centre.

Route description

Olive growing has brought wealth to the inhabitants of Bierge, who harvest some 800,000 kilos of the fruit in late autumn/early winter. The main variety grown in Alto Aragón and the Somontano is Verdeña. This route takes you through extensive groves that are home to large centuries-old trees still producing fruit year after year.

Just 700 metres from Bierge can be found the shrine of San Pedro de Verona, built in homage to the saint so that he might rid the local community of an epidemic.

Griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures and bearded vultures circle these skies, declared and an Area of Special Protection for Birds. A specially created vantage point near the shrine of San Pedro provides the perfect place to watch them in action.

Photo gallery

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Location map 

MAPA-Ruta40 BTTCaminosBierge