Many children think that villages are boring. They say that because they haven't been to Guara Somontano and have never discovered the secret places it hides. Would you like to?

There's a castle you'll love, with a prison and secret doors. In several villages there are streets with passages, hidden fountains and even stone freezers! The best part, however, is my grandmother's stories.

We can go to the Vero Canyon and enter the caves with cave paintings. In prehistoric times they really enjoyed themselves... they spent all day long on the mountain!


Guara Somontano is a land of passage, set between the high Pyrenees and the vast plains of the Ebro Valley. This explains the existence of such a rich and diverse cultural heritage spread throughout its territory. Even in the most unexpected spots, far from the best-known locations, there are surprises in store for you.

The Vero River Canyon holds one of the most important and ancient treasures: prehistoric rock art, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The inhabitants from prehistoric times ventured into its caves to express their way of life and their particular way of seeing the world. We invite you to enjoy this exciting land by visiting the Centre of Rock Art in Colungo and participating in the experimental workshops, as well as guided tours of the painted shelters.

Another way to have fun with the family is by taking a walk through the streets and squares of the villages. This is best done slowly, paying a lot of attention to discovering the small details appearing on the façades of the houses, on and around their doors, windows and even chimneys.

Who hasn't dreamt of going into a castle and climbing to the top of its tallest tower? In Guara Somontano this is possible, with visits to castles as striking as the one in Alquézar.

Thanks to the works of art preserved in the main monuments and museums, it is possible to travel back in time, as if travelling through an incredible time tunnel. You will be told legends, stories of kings and princesses, of fantastic beings, and more.

The best thing, of course is, to learn while having fun. A visit to the spaces dedicated to the old trades, such as the potter and the miller, is an absolute must.

We also suggest following the trails on foot along different paths and visits to surprising and unexpected spots which can be reached by car.