Cregenzán is a small village located to the north of Barbastro and has belonged to its municipal council since 1960.

Its economy was traditionally based on the olive, but this has been replaced over the years by the cultivation of cereals and vines.

The village centre stands on a small plateau which boasts a magnificent panoramic view over the surrounding countryside. The buildings are bunched around the main street which has a number of smaller roads branching off.The parish church stands in the centre of the village and an abbey, built from stone, brick and packed earth, is attached to one side. Both buildings were built around the same time. This place was chosen by the bishop of Barbastro as the ideal spot as a retreat, a place to spend long periods of time relaxing and reflecting. This goes someway to explaining the quality of the workmanship in both the abbey and the church, excessive for such a small village.

The construction of the church of Cregenzán started in the year 1574 under the supervision of Joan de Çerain, a master church builder from Gipuzcoa. It has a polygonal east end and a nave with two sections. It is covered with stellar vaults made from brick and plaster and according to documentation from the time, was built in a similar style to the church that belonged to the old San Juan hospital in Barbastro.


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