From Azlor, take the road signposted “Senderos de Azlor” (Footpaths of Azlor) in the direction of Pantano de los Moros, or Fondota.

This is an exceptional example of a monumental millennial tree. It was once thought that the olive tree was of the verdeña variety because the first fruit was similar to this local olive. However, a recent study has found that it is what is known as a “singular” tree because it is totally unique. This is due to the fact that it came from a seed that was cross-pollinated with another variety, giving rise to an olive tree whose genetic make-up is not found in any other tree.

This is also the case of a tree in Nadal de Colungo and is very common in trees of over 1,000 years old. The traditional and most efficient way of propagating olive trees is through cuttings, that is to say taking a part of a productive plant to create clones, exactly the same as the original.


  • Azlor. Olivera Monte Baron