The former oil mill in Buera has its origins between the 17th and 18th centuries. There is a grinding wheel and a huge press with heavy weights that was still in use up to the 20th century, when new technology was brought in. All the equipment that was used to extract oil have been recovered and put to work again, and the building has been restored to create a museum dedicated to the olive trees, oil and traditions of the Somontano.

The Shrine of Nuestra Señora de Dulcis (17th century) is located close to Buera with its magnificent plaster decoration. Nearby a great ice well (Pozo d’os Moros) can be visited and there is also a delightful olive tree grove in the same area (Bosque de los Olivos). There are 18 of the more than 20 varieties of this tree that exist in the Somontano. Every tree has a small informative panel explaining its biological characteristics. Its peculiarities and many others things related to the oil, its history and uses.


Torno de Aceite
C/ Baja, 7. 22146 Buera
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