This is one of the tributaries to the right of the Balced canyon. This canyon has been patiently chiselled from conglomerate rock over thousands of years.  It is a little known but very interesting canyon and should only be tackled by experienced canyoners as several of the drops are tricky and require technical abseiling techniques. 

The scenery along the route is spectacular as the river bed is located at the bottom of a very deep, narrow and enclosed canyon. It is dry along most of the way, except for the last few pools, which have plenty of water that seeps from the rock.

Technical information

Approach: 5 minutes from the car park. The car park is located between the 9 and 10km mark of the HU-341road from Bierge to Rodellar, just at the fork from the knoll known as the “Collado Fondo.” (signposted) The closest village is Las Almunias de Rodellar.  Leave the car near to the start of the forest track at the side of the wooden shelter for rubbish bins. Nearest village: Las Almunias de Rodellar

Descent: 3h - 3h:30 min     KM: 1200m


  • 2 hours if not using two cars.
  • 1 ½ hours if a car has been left at the end of the forest track.
  • Follow the Balced River back upstream, in the water or along the footpath that follows the river on the right hand bank, until reaching the exit from the Oscuros de Balced canyon (“Tranco de las Olas”) Take the same footpath to return to the track that leads back to the car park. 
  • During or after heavy rain, the level and speed of the water flow in the Balced should be checked carefully.

Escape routes: There is an escape route for extreme emergencies but it is not recommended as it is very exposed and dangerous and requires rock climbing techniques to be used.

Car combination:It is not really necessary to take two cars unless you wish to save 30 minutes on the return journey.   In this case, leave a second car at the end of the forest track (the same place used for the descent of the Oscuros de Balced.)

Difficulty level: very high in any season of the year. The use of a local guide with experience is highly recommended.

Minimum equipment requirements:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Double anchor lanyard
  • Ropes
  • Equipment for abseiling (figure-of-eight descender)
  • 2 ropes of at least 30m in length.
  • Self-braking descender
  • Wetsuit:
    • Full wetsuit with neoprene socks in during cold periods.
    • Neoprene trousers and bib in the summer.

Points of interest

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