Monesma de San Juan belongs to the municipality of Ilche and is located to the south of Somontano. The typical characteristics of the southern steppes and the extensive irrigation create an ideal place for the cultivation of rice, which in turn provides the perfect environment for a number of aquatic birds and waders.

Large expanses of land are dedicated to the cultivation of vines. The south boasts distinct climatic conditions with rainfall (330mm per year) lower than the rest of the region. Here, the ripening cycle of the grapes is longer and the Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties are particularly well suited to the environment. The elegance they achieve in this setting affords the resulting wines a unique terroir.

This small village has a beautiful 12th century Romanesque church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. From the outside of the apse the moulded corbels and a window decorated with a double archivolt stand out. The sober beauty of the building comes from the simplicity and perfection of its geometric shapes.

In Monesma there is a spring well known as the “Pozo de la Cabañera”. (the well of the livestock track.)


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