Almez, litonero (Celtis australis).

This tree grows at the side of the ancient Mequinenza-Broto livestock track. In the past it would have been common to see shepherds and their flocks resting under the branches on their route between seasonal pastures. The base of the tree is more than 4.5 metres in circumference and its 9 branches grow from the trunk at approximately 2.5 metres from the ground. It is good condition although the higher branches are quite sparse.

Location: The point of departure for reference is the intersection between the A-1229 road (Alcanadre Bridge on the N-240- Abiego) and the A-1231 road (Peraltilla-Abiego.) From here, head towards Azlor. After 1.5km take the path to the left, which is in fact the aforementioned livestock track. After 2km the large nettle tree comes into view on the right.


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  • Azlor. Litonero