Technical information

Type of route: circular

Departure point: Abiego

KM: 15,8

Duration: 4 h 

Gradient: 300 m 



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Points of interest

Mediaeval bridge of Famiñosa and the junction of the rivers Formiga and Alcanadre.

Route description

Abiego, located to the south of the Sierra de Guara, is very close to the Isuala and Alcanadre riverbeds. The communication routes  with the surrounding villages made it necessary to build important bridges or to find the most comfortable fording points possible. This route allows us to get to know two of these enclaves such as the Famiñosa Bridge and the fording of the Alcanadre between
Casbas and Abiego.

The route starts in Abiego along the track of the swimming pools and goes to the viewpoint of the Famiñosa Bridge. From there, we retrace our steps for a stretch and then turn off in a northerly direction. Between fields we reach a steep and eroded slope that descends to the Ajuntadero del río Formiga and the Alcanadre. All that remains is to climb the steep slope again and return to Abiego surrounded by holm oaks, olive trees and fields.

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