The azure blue of the Somontano sky contributes towards the sense of tranquillity found in the southern villages of Somontano, and encourages a leisurely pace of exploration.  The land in this area is predominantly flat, which guarantees landscapes dominated by fields of grain.

This great plain is marked out by the Rivers Cinca and Alcanadre, and yet the villagers of the area have access to relatively few springs at ground level.  The great need for water, and an incredible ingenuity, gave the ancient people of this land the idea of constructing a unique system that would give access to springs deep underground.  This system of “pozos fuentes” translates as “spring wells.”  Each one consists of a series of galleries excavated from the rock of a deep well, which are reached by a covered flight of stairs.  Many of these are monumental underground constructions.

Perhaps the best-known well in the area is the Pozo Nuevo (New Well) in Laluenga, but there are many others such as those at Ponzano, Laperdiguera, Monesma and Lagunarrota.

The town of Ponzano is the starting point of this particular excursion, and is found on the N-240 main road not far from Lascelles. The spring well is found on the outskirts of the town. After this brief stop, the route continues towards Laluenga along the A-1225.  Just before you reach the town, it is possible to call at the San Roman de Ponzano chapel.  This was a place of great importance to the shepherds of the past, who would pray here during their travels.  

Laluenga centre is worthy of a lengthy visit as it is home to a number of attractions, including the Castro House, the spectacular New Well and the Visitor Centre of Somontano Spring Wells.

Leaving Laluenga, take the road that heads in the direction of Laperdiguera.  From the town square in the centre of the village, take the street that leads to the magnificent Casa Cavero.  By then following the same street to a point just out of the town centre, it is possible to visit another spring well with informative panels explaining its curiosities.

Moving on to Berbegal, a stroll around the old part of the village is recommended. The village affords magnificent views over the whole of Somontano and provides the visitor with a number of information boards with details of the more unusual elements of interest.  Berbegal is also the starting point of an interesting and historical route to the Santa Agueda Chapel and the Camino de Santiago.

Back in the car, take the road to Lagunarrota. This small village has a spring well similar to the one at Monesme de San Juan.

The final destination of the journey is the city of Barbastro, which is reached by following the A-1226.  

This adventure through the southern lands of Somontano will have provided you with just a glimpse of the attractions of the area.  Consider also visits to the towns of Barbuñales, Lacuadrada, Torres de Alcandre, Peralta de Alcofea, El Tormillo, Ilche, Morilla, Permisán and Fornillos.  For those people looking for undiscovered destinations and a taste of authenticity, these are a must for future visits.