It is said that a castle once stood on the hill known as Mount Casallo, where the origins of the settlement of Bierge lie. The parish church dedicated to Santiago (St. James) is a 16th century renovation of an older church, with the Renaissance decoration of the doorway and the gallery of brick arches providing unmistakable chronological references. 

Over time, the village extended down the lower slopes of the hills and onto the plain. Many of the houses display coats of arms, hinting at the noble fever that swept the area in the 18th century. They are often situated above beautiful open doorways, integrated in the form of large keystone and perfectly slotted into the arc of the semicircular door arch. 

The chapel of San Lorenzo goes almost unnoticed among the houses of Bierge.  On the 10th August children prepare a bonfire in the square to burn an effigy filled with straw. The villagers roast potatoes and eat them with anchovies and also enjoy peach with wine.

San Lorenzo, San Lorenzo,
en qué tiempo has venido,
en el tiempo de las uvas,
el melocotón y el vino


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