The Astronomical Association of Huesca and its local group Astrosomontano organise different sessions of astronomical observation stargazing in the towns of Somontano. In fact, in the region, there are three spaces available for stargazing in the following locations: Almunias de Rodellar, Cregenzán and Torres de Alcanadre. 

To familiarise yourself the activity calendar and their places of celebration, we recommend checking the Astronomical Group of Oscense website, where you will also find events organised by their regional delegation "Astrosomontano". Astronomical Association of Huesca

  • Theme: Nature 
  • Visit type: Guided – Experimental workshop
  • Time of year: All year round
  • Recommended age: From 5 years of age
  • Price: Free 
  • Web: Astronomical Association of Huesca
  • Address:

    Asociación Astronómica Oscense
    Parque Tecnológico. Walqa, parcela 13. 22197 Cuarte (Huesca)
    Teléfono: 974 230 322

    Uned Barbastro. C/Argensola, 60.22300 Barbastro (Huesca)
    Teléfono: 974 316 000