The old part of the village is compact in layout and contains many good examples of popular architecture. The semi-circular arch of the doorways is a popular feature repeated on many of the facades.

Loscertales is an ancestral home with a certain defensive character thanks to a machicolation situated above the entrance door. Loscertales takes its name from the Certero family who were mountain shepherds and, because of their good aim with a slingshot, helped Pedro I in the battle of Alcoraz against the Moors before he regained Huesca.
The chapel of Saints Nunilo and Alodia represents one of the most elaborate Baroque churches of the region.
The Somontano Legends and Traditions Visitors Centre occupies a spot that was once home to the old parish church and a castle dating back to 1055, whose remains are still visible.

From this point it is possible to take in the splendid panoramic views of the Sevil Mountains, located within the Sierra de Guara National Park. Nearby there are a variety of excursions including routes to the Virgen de Viña and the Meson de Sevil, the latter being the place to reach the Castillo de los Santos. This was a religious-military complex constructed in the 11th century as a lookout tower for the control of Alquézar.


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