The town sits on a stretch of flat land at 522 metres above sea level. Two long streets contain the majority of the houses of the town, many of which offer beautiful paved courtyards. Surrounding the town, a patchwork of carefully tended vegetable gardens can be admired, as can a few surviving stone walls which enclose the old roads.

The parish church, dedicated to San Juan, is a simple yet beautiful building with a medieval air. Its interior walls are made of natural stone and emphasize the purity and geometrical simplicity of the lowered vault of the nave.

A just 4 km from Buera, the shrine of Santa María de Dulcis can be visited. It was erected in the 17th century in honour of Our Lady who, according to tradition, appeared above a honeycomb. At the side of the access road to the shrine lies San Juan's chapel. Close by, the “Pozo de Nieve de Os Moros” can be found, which is an old well built to conserve ice brought down from the mountains.

Visitors can enjoy the friendly welcome of Buera’s inhabitants during the annual fiestas at the end of August. In January bonfires are lit in honour of San Fabián and San Sebastián.


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