Technical information

Type of route: circular/ Rally/ Gravel

ItineraryBuera-Salas Altas-Salas Bajas-Pozán de Vero-Huerta de Vero-Buera

KM: 27,7

Duration: 3 h

Gradient: 560 m 



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Points of interest 

The Sanctuary of Santa María de Dulcis, the D’os Moros ice well, the Somontano olive mill and museum in Buera, La Candelera shrine (Salas Altas), panoramic views, and the vineyards of the Somontano Designation of Origin.

Route description

This route runs through the heart of the Somontano Designation of Origin, one of the areas that best conveys the harmony between the three staple crops of the Mediterranean: wheat, grapes and olives.

The ancient tradition of winemaking, closely linked as it is to Mediterranean civilisation, has transformed the local landscape into a pleasing combination of endless rows of green vines interspersed with fl ashes of silvery wire, rows that take on a reddish-brown hue in the autumn months before winter strips them bare, awaiting next year’s harvest.

Photo gallery

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Location map

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