Traditional livestock farming has survived until now, so we find high quality products such as lamb meat of Denomination of Origin Ternasco de Aragón (about the lamb from Aragón quality brand).

Products obtained from pork, are also very emblematic in the Somontano, since there are several meat companies that produce cured hams and sausages, along with other small businesses from more handmade character, where typical products of the Matacia like spicy sausage, blood sausage and torteta are elaborated and marketed.

Chireta is a typical dish of Somontano, whose base is the lamb gut, hock, salt, garlic, rice... with which is formed  a ball, cooked with vegetables. A popular celebration is made of its elaboration, in Pozan de Vero.

Flavour on low heat.



  • November: “The Chireta” Feast  in Pozan.
  • Cultural Days of the matacia.
  • Bonfires of bearded Saints


  • Lamb with a special sauce called "chainfaina" with a young red of local grapes varieties like parraleta or moristel.
  • "Salmorrejo" in a marinade, with a good red aged (crianza) wine.