Peñas Juntas Canyon is located 2 km south of Bierge and was formed by Isuala River that carved beautiful natural pools at the foot of the walls.

To access the Via Ferrata you have to drive a few hundred meters on unpaved road until you reach a parking area. From that point you must descend to the river course by a trail.

The Via Ferrata starts with three consecutive Tibetan bridges —the longest of 25 meters— that are the main attraction of the route. At the end of the third bridge begins the staples ascent, very easy and with several rest points.

In order to climb the Via Ferrata is mandatory to use homologated safety equipment (helmet, harness, lanyard). Hiring a qualified guide is strongly recommended.

Technical information 

  • Length: 200 m
  • Difficulty: K2
  • Approach: 20 minutes
  • Time of activity: 45 minutes
  • Return: 20 minutes 
  • Equipment provided: Clamps and handrails
  • Bridges, footbridges: 3


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Mapa 5Ferrata Peñas Bierge