The village of Naval is medieval and Moorish in origin and is known for its traditional pottery. The best places to discover the potter’s secrets are the craftsmen’s workshops in the village and the Pottery Visitor Centre, ‘Casa Palomera.’ It is located on Calle Obradores, which takes its name from the number of potters that once worked there (obradores means workers) and is a restored workshop that has maintained its working rooms and original features as a museum.

It allows visitors to see the old pottery traditions that have been of great importance to the history of this village. The Salt Route is an educational route through the environs of Naval and through the salt mine of La Rolda, providing an insight into ethnological aspects and nature.


Pottery visitor centre. Naval 
C/ Obradores, s/nº. 22320 Naval
Tefefóno: 974 300 302 y 974 300 503


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