To find out all about oil, its history and how it is made, you must visit the town of Buera. In the old olive mill (Torno de Buera), an explanation is given of all the beliefs attached to oil, and which are deeply rooted in the emotions of the people of the Somontano. The production process is also explained through the original parts (mill, weights press, decanters…), models and information panels.

In Salas Bajas, you can also visit (by appointment) the old mill (which ceased to function as such in 1979) and has become a vistor centre dedicated to the traditional olive cultivation.

In Barbastro there is a  huge hundred-weight olive situated in the Calle Las Fuentes, similar to the one found at the olive mill of Buera.

The Crespillo festival is celebrated in Barbastro (as well as in other villages in Somontano) on the 25th March. A “crespillo” is a tasty, sweet pastry that is traditionally made on the day of the Incarnation with the aim of magically bringing fertility to the olive groves.

In the shrine of Nuestra Señora de Dulcis in Buera, children’s tongues are traditionally smeared with oil from the lamp of Our Lady, as it is said to give them a way with words. (2nd Saturday in May).


  • Aceite
  • Almazara
  • Cata de Aceite
  • Curso de cata de aceite
  • Prensa de libra. Barbastro
  • Santurario Sta Maria de Dulcis. Buera
  • Torno de aceite