On an extensive plain between the canyon of La Clamor and the River Alcanadre lies Laperdiguera, a town that spreads out at the foot of a small hill. There are beautiful examples of stone and brick houses to be found here, many of which have arched balconies highlighting the flatness of their facades. Casa Cavero stands out amongst them for its elegance; for the quality of its construction; and for having one of the most historic courtyards in Somontano.

A fort once stood on a hill overlooking the town in medieval times, and some of its remains can still be made out. However, almost nothing has survived of the Romanasque church built in the 16th century, which was dedicated to San Pedro and San Pablo. This church consists of a single nave and a polygonal apse. It is covered with a beautiful star-shaped vault of elegant design, with the smooth ribs of the ceiling resting on beautiful decorated stone corbels decorated with dragons and mermaids.

The old castle tower was used as a belfry until the construction of the current bell tower at the beginning of the 20th century; the date is shown on the door as 1911. The decoration of gargoyles, the elegant tracery and the pleasing proportions of the tower give it an overall neo-gothic air, which very few historic buildings in Somontano can claim.  

In Laperdiguera an interesting spring well has been recently restored, comprising an open flight of stairs leading to its vaulted chamber. 
The annual fiestas are held from the 3rd to 5th of August in honour of San Roque.

The layout of the church follows a model that had been used all over Somontano since the beginning of the 16th century; a nave with two sections and a polygonal east end, all covered with a delightful stellar vault of elegant design.

From the outside the structural simplicity and size are what catch the attention. Made from sandstone, the Gothic doorway is located on the south side of the building and its pointed arch is framed by a series of archivolts and delicate mouldings.

One of the unique features of this building lies in the cantilevers that support the ribs of the vault. Their theme is varied and combines the holy with the profane, the real and the fantastic. Some cantilevers reveal masculine faces while others show a woman in prayer, a winged demon, a mermaid, a friar and an angel carrying a parchment with the Holy Face. Their true meaning is not known but there can be no doubt that they served a specific purpose. 


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