Somontano is a generous land that provides the right sun and necessary rainwater for growing the vineyard, what is an essential part of its landscape. Grapes and wines of Denomination of Origin are obtained from its wine plants, with an awesome personality that hides secrets and surprises, to learn, to travel, to taste, to discover and above all, to enjoy.

Live wine tourism through guided visits to the wineries and establishments of Somontano Wine Route, activities in the vineyard, wine tasting, pairing workshops between wine and other Somontano products, tasting courses...

And... Pay attention to our annual appointments!  

On the first weekend of August, Somontano wine festival: Four days of proposals for wine tourism and the gastronomic exhibition at night. An outdoor space with 25 restaurants and 77 wine varieties and drinks, all with good live music.

We celebrate the Month of Wine Tourism in Somontano in November. Each year, nearly 30 different proposals of the Somontano Wine Route. Tasting tapas, dinner pairing, cultural tastings ... And on the second Sunday of November at the Market Square in Barbastro, we celebrate the European Wine Tourism Day.

"Barbastro City of wine".



  • August: Somontano Wine Festival and the Gastronomic exhibition in Barbastro.
  • November: Tasting Somontano
  • From march to november: Wine Bus.

 SAVOUR Somontano with a glass of wine in good company.

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Enjoy wine tourism in Guara Somontano!