The Cave Arte Information Centre invites usto do an exciting travel to the Prehistory of river Vero, where there’s one of the most important pictorial groups in the Iberian Peninsula. Il was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Through settings, audiovisual presentations and the reproductions, we’ll know the ways of life, technology and artistic expressions of the first settlers of the land, from Paleolithic to Metal Age.

The Centre has three different spaces: a Museum, the Fuente del Trucho cave and an Archaeological Park.

“ A Cabaña Villa" Museum

It hoots the reception for visitors and two rooms for exhibitions. The lower one offers general information about cave art inside the universal, cultural and evolutionary context of human beings. The upper floor is devoted to the threes styles of the cave art in river Vero: Paleolithic, Levantine and Schematic.   

Room of the Fuente del Trucho

A big room for exhibitions introduces us in the diary life of people who lived inside this cave during Paleolithic and the cave art which they painted on walls and ceiling. A huge photo (appox 100m2) recreates the interior of the cave.

Archaeological Park

It’s a group of Neolithic huts and burial building. As well there’s “El Cuebierto” a space for making workshops.

The Centre offers a service of guided visits to shelters with cave art (Arpán, Mallata and Barfaluy). As well is possible to visit (through signalized routes) Regacens, Quizans and Chimiachas shelters.


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