The village of Las Almunias belongs to the municipal council of Bierge.

In the past the centre of the village was more compact than in the current day. The main road that connects Bierge with Rodellar was built in 1931 and it had the effect of dividing the village into two distinct areas; Casa Tejedor, Casa Silverio, Casa O Cubero and the church are in the higher part of the village and lower down on the opposite side of the road are the buildings of Casa Lorenzo, Casa El Molinero, Casa Escartín, Casa Salas, Casa Melchora, Casa Cancer and the school. Casa O Sastre, Casa Juana, La Herreria, Casa Gabarre and Casa Fabianer are all located at the far end of the village away from the road.

The economy of this small village was based on the ideal of self-sufficiency; inhabitants were spoon makers, farm workers, road builders, charcoal burners, shepherds and merchants. From halfway through the 20th century, the collection of truffles began to provide a good complement to the domestic economy.

On the left bank of the River Alcanadre it is possible to still see an old flour mill, which still has the majority of its original machinery. It was ran by millers who lived in Las Almunias who would go down to the mill on a daily basis, being paid in kind for their work; a ration of flour for every batch of wheat ground.

In the 1940s it was converted, along with many other mills of its kind, into a small electricity plant and from then it began to be known as the lucero or “giver of light.” The force of the water was insufficient to maintain both the flour mill and the electricity plant at the same time so wheat was ground during the day and electricity was produced at night. However all production stopped in the 1970s when the village was abandoned.

Nowadays, this delightful hamlet in the Rodellar Valley is home to around 20 inhabitants. Despite the small population, it has a number of tourist establishments such as accommodation and restaurants and also boasts a thriving craft scene with the production of hand-made cheese and ceramics.


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