The municipal council of Hoz-Costean is made up of Montesa, Hoz de Barbastro, Salinas de Hoz, Costean and Guardia (uninhabited) all of which are located in the environs of the mountains known as the Sierra de Salinas.

Man-made terraces have taken slices from the slopes of the mountains to create places that were traditionally planted with olive and almond trees. The surrounding plains have more recently been planted with great swathes of vineyards, although the olive trees continue to provide work and wealth for the inhabitants of the area.

As in almost all the villages at the foot of the mountains, the ground here has a rocky composition. For this reason it was preferable to build the houses using masonry made up of uncut stones, in the same state as when they were taken from the ground; irregular and of different shapes.

The narrow, steep streets lead to the parish church of Santa Maria Magdalena. It was built in the Baroque style, taking advantage of part of the structure of a previous temple. This is evident in the east-facing wall of the west end of the church, which is though to have belonged to the original east end.

Despite the small size, the modesty of the materials used in its construction and the low-key character of the decoration, the church is a great example of rural Baroque from the 18th century.


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