Guara Somontano together with the Hoya de Huesca and Cinco Villas in the province of Zaragoza is Prepyr365 area. This consists of territories in the heart of the Pre Pyrenees that allow us to enjoy natural and patrimonial resources and explore natural surroundings such as the Sierra de Guara, the Reino de los Mallos or the Sierra de Santo Domingo.

Prepirenaica All Mountain has been designed for those experienced riders searching for beautiful and technical trails leading to some of the most spectacular spots of Southern Pyrenees. Prepyr All Mountain tour will lead you to the most remote and wild areas of the Aragonese Southern Pyrenees through a series of challenging trails that will for sure delight you. Come to experience Prepyr All Mountain challenge and discover the natural and cultural wonders of this land on a wonderful journey through uninhabited valleys and ancient trails.

Prepirenaica All Mountain offers 4 stages of pure Mountain Bike riding on the highest mountains of Southern Pyrenees. The philosophy of the tour is clear: ascend to the hills of the most emblematic mountains to find the best descending trails. A journey for experienced riders that requires a good shape and great self-sufficiency. You can choose between light bikepacking or luggage transfer assistance between stages. Do not miss one of the most spectacular challenges you can make on your bike.

 4 días |  235 km |  6335 m

¡Practica el Prepirineo los 365 días del año!


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