The village of Castejón del Puente sits on the right hand bank of the River Cinca. Although historically linked to the neighbouring region of Cinca Medio, it currently stands well within the Somontano boundaries.

Since Roman times, the village has been an important communication point between Levante and Cantabria. Because of this, history has left its mark as can be seen in the parish church, chapel, trenches, waterwheel and remains of an old bridge.

Castejón del Puente also boasts two areas listed in the national inventory of Places of Community Interest in relation to biodiversity of natural areas within the Natura 2000 Network. The Soto del Rio Cinca (riverside thickets) and the Cantiles de Yesos (cliffs) are home to a number of unusual species such as the otter, the Egyptian Vulture and the Freshwater Blenny. As well as the many aquatic species, herons and well fed white storks are just a small example of the rich and varied bird life of the area.

Holm oak forests, sparse slopes with typical steppe vegetation, fertile vegetable plots, thickets and meanders make up the varied landscape enjoyed by the residents of Castejón, with fishing (trout, barco, eel) and hunting (wild boar, quail, partridge, and rabbit) both being popular. 


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