This small town has been built around a long street which runs between the River Isuala and a deep ravine, and which marks two districts: Santa Orosia (the location of the present parish church) and San Nicolás. 
The Romanesque church of San Nicolás of Bari is found at the far west of the town next to the old road to Bierge.

Just to the north of St Nicolás’s church, the ruins of an old castle rise up on top of a rocky promontory. Only a few stretches of wall and the remnants of a fortified tower remain. One of the castle’s towers, now almost completely in ruins, was once fitted as a belfry. This can be deduced from the remains, as the hollows that once housed the bells, are still visible despite the state of the crumbling tower.

On the nearby peaks of the Sierra de Guara Mountains, it is said that covens of witches from across the whole of the county held their meetings. One such witch was Martina Dueso of Alberuela de Laliena, who was the subject of an inquest that was opened in Huesca in 1570.

Alberuela de Laliena is one of many settlements that mark an ancient route used for the movement of livestock (cabañera). Over the years many flocks of animals have been shepherded down this well-trodden path, from Mequinenza through to various points in the Broto valley. From the town it is possible to follow part of the route on foot or by bicycle, shadowing the shepherd’s footsteps and enjoying a landscape unchanged by time.


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